Community Based Early Warning System

Objective: Establish effective community-based early warning mechanism and co-ordination and communication mechanism to disseminate the disaster early warnings to vulnerable communities during emergencies

The Early Warning Programme is one of most prioritized programme in the society especially targeting coastal communities to prepare them to respond emergency situation in an appropriate manner and bringing warning messages to the communities in time.

Community level activities along with unit oriented shramadhana & public gathered interventions are continuously carried at all targeted areas.

The purpose of the project is to:

1. Develop and consolidate organizational and project management capacity of SLRCS district Branches for effective disaster preparedness and response interventions.

2. Facilitate to establish Divisional & Unit level RC structures and well-functioning to prepare for and respond to natural disasters.

3. Build the capacities of the coastal communities and the school children to know and practice DP/DR measures in order to mitigate the impact of disasters

4. Facilitate and support government Disaster Management Centre to develop disaster early warning mechanism for effective disaster response interventions

5. Facilitate and advocate for establishing divisional level disaster management mechanism in collaboration with government DMC and other key stakeholders in selected divisions.

6. Capture and document the experiences & lessons learned from the Project and to share the best practices widely for replications.

Disaster Management

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