The District of Badulla, situated in the hilly parts of the island,and found to be exciting with its beauty,represants an area of 2861 sq.miles bounded by the districts of Monaragala and Rathnapura on the East & South, by Ampara and Kandy districts on the North and by Nuwaraeliya and Rathnapura on the West.

Environmentally, this district possesses a rich bio-dirversity densed with numerous varieties of fluara & founa. Climatic changes take place surpricingly within few hours in the areas of  Haputhale, Bandarawela,Diyathalawa and Welimada.

The distribution of the population indicates multy ethnicity including Sinhalese,Tamils, muslims and other races in its structure. A considerable area of land in Badulla district has been covered with Tea. The district of Badulla, located towards the East of the central hills of the island may be identified as an isolated “geographycal area” indeed.

The geological structure of Badulla district seems more complecated when analised scientifically.”Krunduoya ella” and “Rawana ella” generating from a branch of “Uma oya” are two ideal examples for this type of waterfalls.Anyhow,

The southern parts of the Uva basin get a rain fall of 1524-1905m.m. per year while the annual average rain fall of the district reaches 1397 m.m. The temperature varies with the elevation respectively. At a height of 200m, the temperature of Namunukula, Diyathalawe and Badulla indicate the values of 20.6 C°,23.4C° and 25.2C° respectively.


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