Restoring Family Links


At the heart of the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society (SLRCS) lies the crucial mission of Restoring Family Links (RFL). Embedded within the SLRCS Constitution, Chapter 2, Article 6, this mission underscores our commitment to providing a tracing service during peacetime, natural disasters, and periods of conflict.

In our communities, there exists a pressing need for this vital service, as families often find themselves separated due to various circumstances beyond their control. Recognizing this need, the SLRCS operates within the legal framework of the Geneva Conventions, offering tracing and Red Cross Message services under the auspices of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Acknowledged by the Government of Sri Lanka, the SLRCS plays a special role in Tracing and Family Reunion, as outlined in the National Disaster Management Roadmap. Our Restoring Family Links Programme extends its services to conflict-affected groups, migrant workers and their families, individuals impacted by natural disasters, and other vulnerable populations, including children, the elderly, and social cases.

The collaborative efforts of SLRCS branches and the national headquarters are dedicated to reestablishing family contact for separated families. As a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent tracing network, our Tracing Service remains steadfast in its aim to restore family links for vulnerable families facing separation due to migration, disasters, and conflict.

Our Services: Bridging the Gap in Times of Crisis

  • Tracing Services: Assisting families in reconnecting with missing loved ones due to armed conflict, violence, or natural disasters.
  • Red Cross Messaging: Ensuring the delivery of messages when traditional communication channels are disrupted.
  • Welfare Requests: Obtaining health and welfare reports on family members who are unable to communicate.
  • Family Reunification: Facilitating the forwarding of official documents for family reunification processes.
  • Information and Referral: Providing referrals to community organizations and agencies handling cases beyond our mandate.
  • Adoption Searches: Extending criteria to facilitate adoption-related searches for biological parents.

Accessing Tracing Services:

  • If you reside outside Sri Lanka: Contact your local Red Cross or Red Crescent office.
  • If you live in Sri Lanka: Reach out to the SLRCS Branch in your district.

To assist you effectively, SLRCS requires specific details about the missing person and your relationship to them. In humanitarian cases unrelated to migration, disasters, or conflict, SLRCS may process tracing requests on a case-by-case basis