Restoring family links Programme



Restoring Family links is a core activity of SLRCS, designates by the SLRCS Constitution on Chapter 2 artical 6. General objectives and tusks,  notes SLRCS  to Organize  and explore a tracing service in peace time, in time of natural disaster and in case of conflict.

There are needs in our communities for this service.

The Geneva Conventions provide the legal basis for tracing and Red Cross Message services offered by the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

SLRCS is recognized by the Government of Sri Lanka as having a special role in Tracing and Family Reunion during times of disaster,  specifically  mentioned in the National Disaster Management Roadmap  under Preparedness and Response Plans of the Emergency Response Networks.

The RFL Services are provided to conflict affected groups, to migrants workers and their family members, to people affected by natural disasters and particularly vulnerable people (children, the elderly and social cases). The SLRCS branches are joining their effort with the national headquarter to carry out activities of restoring family contact to these separated families.

SLRCS Tracing Service is member of the International Red Cross & Red Crescent tracing network and aims to restore family links for vulnerable families who have been separated due to migration, Disaster & conflict.


Following Services are provided by Sri Lanka Red Cross Society.

When a loved one is missing  (Tracing)
The Sri Lanka Red Cross Society can help re-establish contact when a family lost contact with a loved one due to an armed conflict, other situations of violence or a natural disaster. The SLRCS works with the support of the ICRC, governmental institutions and organisations in abroad and with Red Cross and Red Crescent societies around the world.

When traditional means of communications have been interrupted (RCM)

when regular postal service or other means of communication are not available due to conflict, migration or a major disaster, the international Red Cross/Red Crescent network delivers Red Cross Messages.

When, for health reasons, contact is suddenly lost between family members (Welfare Request)

The Red Cross will attempt to obtain a health and welfare report on the condition of family members that are ill, elderly, or unable to communicate.

Assistance with the family reunification process

Official documents such as examination records and birth certificates can be forwarded to minors, or family members in conflict areas & other countries through the Red Cross network.

Information and referral

The Sri Lanka Red Cross Society can provide referral to organizations in community that offer services for requested not within SLRCS Acceptance Criteria. We can also provide referrals to agencies accepting cases that fall outside the Red Cross mandate.

Adoption searches with Dept. of probation & Child care 

The Sri Lanka Red Cross Society(SLRCS) Tracing Service extending the criteria for facilitate cases in relation to searching for biological parents of adopted children from Sri Lanka for partner  national societies in order to transfer the cases to Department of Probation & Child Care. Since the D.O.P.C. has continuing the service about, regarding adoption searches. The purpose is to respond and facilitate the Tracing requests related to adoption cases from other national societies.

How to access Tracing Services:

  • If you live outside of Sri Lanka, Please contact your local Red Cross or Red Crescent office to make a request.
  • If you live in Sri Lanka, contact the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society Branch in your District to make a request.

SLRCS will need to know the missing person’s details including

  • Full Name
  • Parent’s Name
  • Date & Place of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Last known address
  • The date and circumstances of last news

SLRCS will also need your details including

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Relationship to the person sought
  • Date of Birth

In situation not related to a migration, Disaster or conflict SLRCS may process tracing requests on a Humanitarian basis.