Organizational Development


The Organisational Development Department, established in March 2006, stands as a pivotal division within the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society (SLRCS). Its primary objective is to enhance capacity at all levels of our national society.


SLRCS aspires to possess well-structured organizational systems, capabilities, skills, and shared values, enabling the execution of service delivery initiatives that enhance the lives of Sri Lanka’s most vulnerable individuals.

Strategic Objectives

1. Fostering Dedicated Leadership: SLRCS is committed to nurturing highly dedicated, competent, and well-informed governance and professional management leadership at both the national headquarters and branch levels, ensuring the effective delivery of humanitarian services.

2. Policy and Procedure Enhancement: We are actively introducing well-crafted policies, procedures, and guidelines in core program areas to streamline their management and facilitate their implementation.

3. Strengthening Structures: Our focus is on fortifying SLRCS’s structures at the national headquarters, branch, and divisional levels, enabling them to meet the needs of the communities they serve, especially the vulnerable.

4. Resource Diversity and Efficiency: We are dedicated to expanding our resource base and efficiently managing these resources to sustain and enhance our mission.

5. Operational Alliances: Building strategic alliances in service delivery by strengthening our network with other stakeholders.

Governance, Management, and Systems Development

This programme is aimed at enhancing SLRCS’s systems, from the national headquarters down to community-level structures. Our focus areas encompass finance, logistics development, and HR management, all with the goal of making community service delivery more streamlined, efficient, and effective. Additionally, we place a strong emphasis on adhering to internationally recognized transparency and accountability standards in our service provision.

Community Infrastructure and Capacity Building

Our approach here is bottom-up, with a primary objective of building stronger, more resilient communities capable of withstanding and responding to disasters. This involves developing the capacity of SLRCS’s community-level structures, as well as that of our dedicated volunteer and youth members. Every activity in this domain is thoughtfully designed with gender and diversity in mind. Our vision is for SLRCS community structures (divisions and units) to become self-sustaining entities, independently running service delivery for their communities using their resources and the capacity they have built.

Strengthening and Repositioning of SLRCS

Given the dynamic nature of Sri Lanka’s context, it is imperative for SLRCS to remain relevant and up-to-date. The use of multimedia technology for communication and advocacy, the establishment of robust partnership relationships with donors, government entities, and other stakeholders, and bolstering our credibility within communities are all essential for our sustainability. This program is a comprehensive strategy encompassing communication, resource mobilization, and active partnership engagement to ensure that SLRCS is optimally positioned to deliver essential community services.