Organizational Development

Since the department’s inception in March 2006, our department has been a dynamic force, driving positive change and growth within our organization. At the heart of our mission lies the goal of enhancing capacity across all levels of Sri Lanka Red Cross Society (SLRCS). We aim to cultivate robust organizational systems, equip our team with essential skills and knowledge, and foster a culture of shared values that empower us to better serve Sri Lanka’s most vulnerable communities.



What We Do:

  1. Fostering Dedicated Leadership: We believe in the power of strong leadership. Through targeted initiatives, we nurture competent and informed governance and management leaders, ensuring they have the tools they need to effectively steer our humanitarian efforts.
  2. Policy and Procedure Enhancement: Streamlining operations is key to our success. We’re actively developing and implementing clear policies, procedures, and guidelines to optimize our program management and delivery.
  3. Strengthening Structures: A solid foundation is essential. We’re focused on fortifying SLRCS’s structures at every level, empowering them to respond effectively to community needs, particularly those of the most vulnerable.
  4. Resource Diversity and Efficiency: Sustainability is our aim. We’re dedicated to expanding our resource base and managing those resources efficiently to sustain and enhance our mission.
  5. Operational Alliances: Collaboration is key to impact. We’re forging strategic partnerships to strengthen our service delivery network and maximize our impact on the ground.

Our Programmes:

  1. Governance, Management, and Systems Development: We’re enhancing SLRCS’s systems from top to bottom, focusing on finance, logistics, and HR management to streamline community service delivery while upholding transparency and accountability.
  2. Community Infrastructure and Capacity Building: Building resilience starts at the grassroots. We’re empowering communities to withstand and respond to disasters by strengthening SLRCS’s community-level structures and investing in our dedicated volunteers and youth members.
  3. Strengthening and Repositioning of SLRCS: To remain relevant, we’re embracing multimedia technology for communication, nurturing strategic partnerships, and bolstering our credibility within communities. This comprehensive strategy ensures SLRCS is optimally positioned to deliver essential services to those who need them most.