Organizational Development

What is OD?

Roughly translated, Organisational Development or OD is the capacity building of the people that make up an organisation and their involvement in the development and improvement of the systems within that organisation. This takes the form of training, programme and organisational assessments and the promotion of best practices, to name a few.

OD in the SLRCS

All this work towards organisational excellence goes towards achieving our ultimate goal of being able to improve the services we provide people and to be in a position where we can increase the number of people we serve. In order to achieve this goal we have identified three areas in which to work. These areas ensure that we can strengthen our service delivery through a simultaneous bottom up and top down approach thus increasing the speed and quality of the capacity building process. At the Red Cross we have a programme area dedicated to organisational development because we believe the strength of our organisation comes from the millions of volunteers we work through at the community level, who are recruited and supported through the 187 national Red Cross Organisations that operate around the world. In order to ensure that these organisations, staff and volunteers remain effective and deliver excellent services, organisational development programmes focus on capacity building at the community level through our disaster management and health programmes systems, as well as focusing on strengthening the National Red Crosses ability to respond to need and deliver vital services to vulnerable communities through policy and systems development, innovative and up to date approaches, learning opportunities and strong management.

Governance, Management and Systems Development

Through focusing on areas such as finance and logistics development as well as HR management this programme aims at improving the SLRCS’ systems from the National Head Quarters level down to the community level structures. This will lead to more streamlined, efficient and effective service delivery to communities. Also this program emphasis on establishing good governance and management practices, developing and adhering to internationally recognized transparency and accountability standards as an organization in delivering services to communities.

Community Infrastructure and Capacity Building

This programme concentrates on a bottom up approach. Through developing the capacity of the community level structures of the SLRCS and by developing the capacity of the volunteer and youth members we will be able to build stronger communities that are more resilient and capable of withstanding or dealing with a disaster. Always the activities comes in this area are developed focusing gender and diversity aspects. By capacity building of local communities, it is expected the SLRCS community structures (divisions and units) will become self-cost recovery entities which run service deliveries for their communities out of their own funding and utilizing in built capacity.

Strengthening and repositioning of SLRCS

The context in Sri Lanka is continually changing and as a result it is important that the SLRCS is able to keep relevant and up to date. The use of multi-media technology to communicate and advocate, enhanced partnership relations with donors, government and other stakeholder and enhanced credibility on the ground with communities is central to the Sri Lanka Red Cross’s sustainability. This programme focuses on combination of communications, resource mobilization and active partnership engagement to ensure that the SLRCS is ultimately better placed to deliver much needed services to the community.


Organizational Development

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