Authorization for the use of emblem

The Sri Lanka Red Cross Society has authorization from the Minister of Foreign Affairs to use the Red Cross emblem throughout the territory.

As a signatory to the Geneva Conventions (Section 11 of the Geneva Conventions Act No. 4 of 2006), Sri Lanka recognizes the right of the ICRC and the International Federation to use the symbols of the Red Cross, the Red Crescent and the newly adopted Red Crystal.

 Protecting the Red Cross emblem

In Sri Lanka, the emblem of the Red Cross is often misused due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of its application. Many wrongly believe that it represents medical practices or pharmaceutical services.

The Red Cross is a universally recognised symbol. The purpose of its use during any armed conflict is to protect the lives and equipment of those who attend to the sick &wounded. They include medical and religious personnel as well as medical equipment, installations, transportations and supplies used for the purpose of relief.

Each time the Red Cross is misused and misinterpreted, its true value as a symbol of neutrality and protection will be reduced.


Internationally recognised symbols

The internationally recognized symbol for;

medical and pharmaceutical services is a green cross on a white background
for a hospital it is a white “H” on a blue background
and for first aid it is a white cross on a green background