Our Central Governing Board (CGB) is comprised of esteemed individuals including the President, Vice President, National Secretary, Chairman of the Finance Commission, Director General (DG), and ten other dedicated members. Together, they provide crucial policy and strategic decisions to steer our organization towards its goals.

To ensure adherence to policies and practices, the CGB appoints finance commissions, statutory committees, and ad hoc committees. These bodies provide guidance and direction to our management, ensuring we stay true to our mission.

At our National Headquarters (NHQ) and branches, we’ve established virtual policy committees. These committees, consisting of selected governance and management members, focus on core program sectors and other critical areas. This ensures that our programs function efficiently and align with our governance directives.

Heading our NHQ core management team are the Director General and a Deputy Director General. Additionally, we have Focal Points appointed for various core areas such as Disaster Management, Health, Organizational Development, and more. They work tirelessly alongside their respective program officers and managers to execute our programs effectively.

At the branch level, the Branch Executive Officer (BEO) leads the management team. Supported by branch accountants and staff, if any, they operate under the administrative authority of the BEO. This structure ensures smooth operations at both the branch and NHQ levels, with guidance from the Branch Chairman and the DG.


Central Governing Board

1 Mr. K. Balakrishnan President [email protected] 
2 Mr. Jagath B. Abesyinghe Vice President 01 [email protected]
3 Mr. M.K. Chandrasiri Vice President 02 [email protected] 
4 Mr. Anton S. Victoria National Secretary [email protected]
5 Mr. Upali W. Sirimanna CGB Member [email protected] 
6 Dr. Amila Ishan Kankanamge CGB Member [email protected]
7 Mr. Sanath K. Abeyrathne CGB Member [email protected]
8 Ms. M.A.D Subadra CGB Member [email protected] 
9 Dr. Anura S. Ekanayake CGB Member [email protected] 
10 Mr. Rukshan C. Peiris CGB Member [email protected] 
11 Mr. Arjun S. Abesyinghe CGB Member [email protected] 
12 Mr. Nandasiri Perera CGB Member [email protected] 
13 Mr. Gamini Nanda Kumara CGB Member [email protected] 
14 Mr. Anton Puneethanayagam CGB Member [email protected] 
Finance Commission
15 Mr. Aruna P. Lekamge Chairman – Finance Commission [email protected] 
Director General
16 Dr. Mahesh Gunasekara Director General [email protected]