Swift assistance for fire victims

Posted on Saturday, August 31st, 2013

31/08/2013 РColombo, Sri Lanka: The Branch Disaster Response Team of the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society’s Colombo branch was deployed on the 31st of August when an accidental fire left 37 families homeless, in the Gemunupura temporary block (GN Division: Samanthranapura) Mattakuliya.

The area of Gemunupura is highly populated as people have built houses out of wood and sheets in close proximity.

The cause for the flames according to authorities is that a resident in the vicinity has left a kerosene oil lamp unattended, which has been toppled by another, individual engulfing the house.

Residents in the area have made an attempt to stop the spread of the fire, however it was futile.

An assessment was conducted by the BDRT team and the Disaster Management Centre (DMC) where the number of affected families were finalized and officials of the SLRCS Colombo Branch arrived at the site of the disaster and distributed Non Relief Food Items (NFRI) like hygiene kits, clothing, bed sheets and Jerry cans to the affected and vulnerable community with the help of the DMC and the Grama Niladari of the area.