Emergency Risk Management & Occupational First Aid for Beauty Salon Industry

Posted on Monday, March 11th, 2013

11/03/2013 – Gampaha, Sri Lanka – As s social responsibility and with the sole intention of increasing professional awareness and assisting to fill in the gaps of knowledge on professional preparedness for safety and health and emergency response in beauty salon industry Sri Lanka Red Cross Society – Gampaha Branch has been implementing an awareness program for professionals in the field of beauty salon industry through the curriculum mentioned above and it’s a program executed by us as an institute registered at the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission, Sri Lanka.

The training program consists of five such main core sessions as Basic Risk Assessment : provides awareness on all physical, chemical, biological and ergonomic risk etc ; Health & Hygiene – provides awareness on basic hygiene practices, sterilization, disinfection, waste disposal, personal protective equipments, ventilation and illumination, medical examination requirements, barbicide jars and basic sterilization/ disinfection procedures and documentation; Occupational First Aid – provides awareness on  first aid methods, basic life support, emergency management and casualty transportation based on the accidents related to salon industry and salon sites; Customer Attraction – provides awareness on salon interior and exterior design, customer relations, business promotion, Marketing & Data base management and customer communication; General Management Practices – provides awareness on Government Rules and Regulations, International Standards and regulations, notifications, OHSAS 1910 29CFR Industrial Regulation, Good Management Practices pertaining to beauty salon industry.

The above program is currently being implemented in many districts of the island successfully with the enthusiastic participation of many professionals of the beauty salon industry. More than 20 programs have been held already and more than 1000 beauty salon professionals have been made aware through the above program throughout the country.