Promoting humanitarian values & educating the younger generation

Posted on Tuesday, May 21st, 2013


21/05/2013 – SLRCS – Gampaha Branch after years of voluntary services with a vast background of experience on delivering effective and efficient humanitarian services approached into the concept of standardizing the service rendered through its volunteers in view of the fact that under division and unit are delivering their services based on their own experience and capacity without much attention on a standard service which should be constant in quality.

As the world’s fist humanitarian organization Red Cross should be providing a quality service to its beneficiary community but most of the time it has come to our observation that the beneficiaries are not much satisfied with the service provided by our volunteers in terms of quality. Especially the same service when provided through different volunteers in different locations has been observed to be different in quality perspectives.

This year we attended the fact that the First Aid service provided by our branch should be based on more quality and values that will ensure and enhance the First Aid Service as a more organized standardized and quality service delivered to community with a true sense of humanity.

In order to fulfill the above requirement SLRCS-Gampaha Branch had been engaged in designing and developing effort of systems, procedures etc. during last three months with the objective of delivering a significant service to community.

Branch attended the following matters,

 Human Resource Development – Training all divisional First Aid Service volunteers was carried out. A core number of 15 volunteers from each division were trained under this program. Uniforms, Job Description of a First Aid Service Provider, Ethics to be followed and Leadership Training was provided

 System Development – Developing Agreement of Training and service, reports, registration procedure, check list maintenance.

      Logistic – Standard logistic usage for services

 Monitoring & Evaluation – Grading and Reporting mechanism

SLRCS – Gampaha Branch conducted an awareness program and a value promotion workshop on the 12th of May 2013 in the ‘Dunant Training Centre’, Demanhandiya to improve and develop the own passion and true feeling of volunteers to deliver services with quality and more added values of humanity.

Activities of the Workshop

 In the workshop each division as a group of volunteers presented how a quality and a value based service should be rendered and all basically needed items for a standard First Aid Service

 Each group had a presentation on the standard system of providing a First Aid Service

 Also a discussion was carried out to recapture the presentations

 First Aid Service equipments were distributed for all divisions at the end of the workshop.