Preparing the Community to face Disaster Situations

Posted on Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

20/02/2014 – Kegalle, Sri Lanka – A mock drill organized by the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society’s Kegalle Branch was held in the Kannaththota Grama Niladhari Division, in Kegalle on the 10th of July 2014.

This area is prone to land slide and other natural disasters. Hence the Red Cross Kegalle Branch organized this to disseminate the people in the area on how to act during a disaster situation.

Over 250 people in the village including men, women and children participated in this mock drill. The mock drill was facilitated by the SLRCS Kegalle Branch with the participation of Red Cross First Aid Instructors, Red Cross Volunteers, Sri Lankan Army, Sri Lankan Police, Doctors, Midwifes, Public Health Inspector and officials from Disaster Management Center in Kegalle District.

The Successful mock drill also gave an opportunity to the public on how to act during a disaster with First Aid and CPR activities.

The Outcomes of this mock drill are demonstrated and explained how first aid & CPR use in disaster situation, Disseminations of SLRCS and its activities in the district, how Red Cross works with Disaster Management Centre and Volunteer motivation as well.