First Aid services for a religious festival

Posted on Monday, August 27th, 2012

27/08/2012: Every year, there are two annual church feasts taking place at the St. Anne’s Shrine, Thalawila, in the month of March and August.

Carrying out first aid services for the pilgrims attending this religious ceremony has been a traditional event to the Puttalam Branch, which has been doing this for last fifteen years.

Commemorating the 250th anniversary of the church feast there were over 300,000 participants in attendance. The Puttalam branch carried out the First Aid services with the support from 25 volunteers who were in attendance for the programme.

Further the documentary “In The Heart of The Action” was screened as a special show to the pilgrims who gathered there and to the volunteers while handbills of the RC and pocket note books were distributed.

Furthermore under the direction of the Branch Chairman steps have been taken to continue the service and transform the first aid post to a medical camp.

The event was funded and supported by the ICRC.