The Sri Lanka Red Cross Society is the foremost First Aid provider in the country, with a host of highly trained practitioners on standby in all our branches. Administering first aid can mean life or death for people in medical emergencies, and we seek to ensure that more people are able to learn this valuable service and save lives inside their communities and beyond. We now offer a range of first aid courses that will be beneficial for a variety of persons and contexts:

1. Sequential First Aid training

Divided into 03 stages, you can progressively earn your qualifications to become a First Aider and then a fully-fledged First Aid Instructor. You will be awarded the official badges and certificates upon completion of each stage, and this process is carried out with complete transparency to the student. We assure that you will be trained by an exceptional pool of practitioners who possess abundant experience within Sri Lanka and abroad.

1) Basic First Aid Exams – In coordination with the SLRCS branch in your respective district, you can commence your journey in First Aid by completing our ‘Basic First Aid’ training. Here, you will be provided with a practical-based 04-day training and exam, in which you learn the rudimentary skills required to administer first aid effectively and assist medical professionals during any emergency. Trainings and exams for this stage are held twice each year.

2) Advanced First Aid Training and Exams – In the second stage, you will be able to become an accomplished ‘First Aider’ by completing a 06-day training and 02-day exam. This will be conducted only in selected branches, and successful completion of this stage entails that you can be deployed to any emergency situation to provide first aid to all who may need it.

3) First Aid Instructor Training – In this extensive 08-day training, you will be equipped with all skills necessary to become a fully-fledged First Aid Instructor in your own right. Upon the successful completion of teacher training and practice sessions within this stage, you will officially be able to teach others the live-saving form of First Aid.

2. First Aid Refresher Training

Every minute counts in a medical emergency. Thus, First Aid is a field that is always evolving, with new methods and techniques continually being introduced to administer live-saving First Aid quicker and more effectively. As such, a First Aid Instructor’s license has to be renewed every 03 years to ensure that he/she is constantly updated with best practices. In recognition of this need, the SLRCS offers Refresher trainings to all First Aid Instructors, which can be done easily across the island by coordinating with the SLRCS branch in your district.

3. Commercial First Aid – Basic Life Support Certificate

In response to the increasing need for health-related certifications from different institutions abroad, the SLRCS has opened its doors to all those seeking to obtain such qualifications. As part of its fundraising project, the SLRCS now offers the Basic Life Support (BLS) Certificate to all who require it. Contact your nearest SLRCS branch to set a date and obtain your certificate whenever necessary.

4. First Aid Demonstration Center

For the first time in Sri Lanka, the SLRCS has introduced its fully-equipped First Aid demonstration center located at our National Headquarters. Furnished with state-of-the-art First Aid technology and mannequins for demonstration, the Center is open for bookings to all medical staff, First Aiders and external parties at reasonable rates.

Why Learn First Aid with SLRCS:

  • Become a professional in one of the most high-demand fields in the world.
  • Sequential training process allows you to learn at your own pace.
  • All training is conducted with the unparalleled expertise of our First Aid practitioners.
  • Earn globally-renowned First Aid badges and certificates at extremely affordable rates.
  • All trainings are carried out according to the guidelines of the British First Aid manual.
  • Easy access to First Aid courses is guaranteed via our island wide network.
  • Gain a wealth of experience with deployments for major events and festivals.
  • And of course, learn to SAVE LIVES!