Kalutara District is a district in Western Province, Sri Lanka. Its area is 1,606 km². The district was hit by the tsunami generated by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.Total population of the district is 1214880 with majority of Sinhalese. Kalutara is a district which is prone to natural disasters such as flash floods and heavy wind, landslides, tornadoes. epidemics hits occasionally as well.

 Sri Lanka Red Cross Society Kalutara Branch was established in 1974 under the supervision of Bentota detach of SLRCS. The branches first annual General meeting was held on the 28th of September in 1990 at National Institute of Health Sciences Kalutara.

Then the chairman was Dr. S.A.P. Ganeshwaran. The district was badly damaged bu the 2004 Asian Tsunami drastic damage around Asian region. Soon after the Tsunami five PNSs came to SLRCS Kalutara Branch to assist the vulnerable people. Branch interim panel was appointed in July 2012 and  the Branch committee was established on 26th May 2013 with the leadership of  Hon. Chairman of Mr. M.K Chandrasiri.




No. 225,Galle Road,Kudawaskaduwa



Tel/ Fax:(94)342237161


M.K.D. Chandrasiri – Chairman

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Mohamed Naeem – Secretary

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Wijith Rasanga – Branch Executive Officer

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Kaveen Chanaka – Book Keeper

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