Building back better in the north

Posted on Thursday, May 30th, 2013

30/05/2013 – Kokkuthuduwai, Mullativu: The city of Mullativu was in the headlines in 2009, as the location where the final battle of the civil war took place. However today its in the headlines again, but for a very different reason. This time its has nothing to do with war, but something to do with families, lives, livelihoods and good houses.

The Sri Lanka Red Cross Society (SLRCS), with the support of the Taiwan Red Cross Organization (TRCO) through the initiative of the Red Cross Post Conflict Recovery Programme (RC-PCRP) completed the building of 58 houses in the Kokkuthudiwai village in the Mullativu district.

Most of the people in the area are ones that were returning from the 30-year-old conflict to a barren land with no support for life. However with the support of the Red Cross, people have managed to rebuild houses and create a livelihood in these parts of Sri Lanka.

The inauguration of the houses were done under the auspices of the National Secretary of SLRCS Nimal Kumar, Chairman of the SLRCS Mullativu Branch, Dr. Akilan, Head of Delegation of IFRC Sri Lanka, Bob McKerrow and the Chairman of SLRCS Finance Commission Prasanna Dassanayake.

Meanwhile a special delegation representing the TRCO was also present. Lisa Hsu, Director of Communications & Christine Chen, Desk Officer of Disaster Relief were part of the delegation.

During the opening ceremony, kitchen utensils were also distributed to the new house owners.

Addressing the gathering the National Secretary of SLRCS Nimal Kumar said “This is a clear example of how the Red Cross movement comes together as one in order to support the most vulnerable people”

“I clearly like to thank the Taiwan Red Cross Organization for standing by the Sri Lanka Red Cross and its people at this juncture where everyone in the north are trying their best to rebuild their lives”