Raising awareness on the use of the “Red Cross” emblem

Posted on Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

16/07/2014 – Ampara, Sri Lanka: The Ampara Branch of the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society recently concluded a workshop on raising and educating members of the public on the use of the Red Cross emblem and its protective values.

In Sri Lanka, the emblem of the Red Cross is often misused due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of its application. Many erroneously believe that it represents medical practices or pharmaceutical services.

Accordingly the workshop was organized for Health Officials in the Ampara District. Over 25 medical personnel from the Ampara Medical Private Practitioners’ Association took part in the event.

The main objective of the program was to disseminate the necessity of using proper emblems at their health service centers and minimize the misuse and abuse of the Red Cross emblem.

The Red Cross is a universally recognised symbol. The purpose of its use during any armed conflict is to protect the lives and equipment of those who attend to the sick &wounded. They include medical and religious personnel as well as medical equipment, installations, transportations and supplies used for the purpose of relief.

Each time the Red Cross is misused and misinterpreted, its true value as a symbol of neutrality and protection will be reduced.

After the workshop on proper use of Red Cross emblems, most of the participants agreed to get changed the visibility boards by replacing it with correct emblems.

SLRCS Ampara branch is also planning to launch a emblem protection campaign initially in Ampara town area by providing stickers to replace where the Red Cross emblem has been misused.

The Chairman of the Ampara Branch Sunil Dissanayake, Branch Executive Officer, members from the SLRCS Humanitarian Values Department, Volunteers and staff members were also present at the workshop.

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