Blood donation for World Red Cross Day 2013

Posted on Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

29/05/2013 – In order to mark the WRD, the Mannar Branch conducted a Blood Donation Campaign at Murunkan Divisional Hospital, situated in Murunkan Piddy of Madawachchiya Mannar main road (A14). The Blood Bank of Mannar General Hospital Dr. Mrs. Priyanwada, engaged in the programme with the assistance of 6 blood bank staff and Red Cross volunteers.

The programme was conducted under the patronage & the permission of the Murunkan Hospital DMO Dr. M Osman CharlesĀ 

A total of 41 donors donated blood and the programme started at 9 am and ended at 3.00 pm. PCRP Indian Housing programme staff also actively participated. With the permission of the ZDE Mannar & the Murunkan School principal, school A/L students too participated in the blood donation campaign.

This was the first time Red Cross has organized a mobile blood donation campaign in Murunkan after the conflict situation in the district. The programme was up to satisfactory level with much contribution from donors.

This activity enhanced the image of Red Cross among the Murunkan community of the area with commendable interest to become members of the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society. The members and volunteers of the division were much enthusiastic and encouraged to come forward and organize such humanitarian activities through Red Cross.