Providing First Aid at one of Sri Lanka’s main religious festival

Posted on Saturday, August 18th, 2012

19/08/2012 – Mannar, Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Red Cross Society, Mannar Branch carrying out several humanitarian activities in the district level to fulfill timely needs of the community.

Accordingly we are conducting a major First Aid service for Madu Church Festival devotees annually. Madhu church is one of the world-renowned religious located in Sri Lanka.


Madhu festival season starts beginning of August and ends with mid of August in every year. For this festival season millions of people come from all parts of the island and stay for long and celebrate this event. However due to the location of the church within a forest reserve there is a lack for medical facilities, which could be utilised by the devotees who attend the festival.

The first aid posts by the SLRCS Mannar Branch certainly aided many who needed medical assistant on site. During the period the festival took place over 1000 individuals received medical treatment from the first aid post.