Nuwara-Eliya Branch honoured by the State Sector

Posted on Monday, September 24th, 2012

24/09/2012 – The Sri Lanka Red Cross Society’s (SLRCS) Nuwara Eliya branch was recently awarded the Admiration Award from the Divisional Secretariat of Kothmale for the appreciation of service towards the humanitarian sector in the region.

The award is recognition to the many programmes carried out by the branch towards the state sector. In the previous years SLRCS Nuwara – Eliya branch has conducted leadership trainings, first aid services, and health activities. In the past month two months alone the branch trained 250 persons from the Kothmale & Hanguranketha Divisional Secretariats including graduates who were affiliated to the Graduates Scheme.



Meanwhile another admiration awards was also bestowed upon the branch by the Hunguranketha Pradeshiya Saba in recognition of the humanitarian service to the region by the branch as well.

This was after the branch aided the 2007 landslide of Walapane, and also providing First Aid Services for the Hanguranketha Perahara each year.

Member of the Central Provincial Council Jayaratne Dissanayake, Chairman of Hanguranketha Pradeshiya Sabah, Divisional Secretary of Hanguranketha & MoH of the area participated in the ceremony.