A decade of friendship that lasts forever – Thank you German Red Cross

Posted on Monday, March 30th, 2015

30/03/2015 – Colombo, Sri Lanka: The German Red Cross (GRC) Sri Lanka Delegation bid farewell after closing up operations that lasted for over ten years. GRC arrived in the island in 2005 soon after the Indian Ocean Tsunami to support the humanitarian efforts of the country. Since then they have assisted Sri Lanka Red Cross in reconstruction, rehabilitation, water & sanitation, livelihoods and water safety projects all across the island.

The President of Sri Lanka Red Cross Jagath Abeysinghe handed over a plaque to the Country Representative of GRC Dr. Tim Bray, whilst thanking their support for the people of Sri Lanka.

“German Red Cross was very much true to their word from the beginning. They arrived in the island as a friend and now leaves as a member of our family. The support they rendered to the people of Sri Lanka is immeasurable”

Meanwhile a small ceremony was also held in Colombo to thank the GRC by the staff of the Red Cross Movement. Addressing the gathering the Country Representative of GRC Dr. Tim Bray reminded about the ongoing relations of the two National Societies. Despite the physical presence of GRC coming to an end Dr. Bray reiterated the friendship that has been forged will remain forever.

Also addressing the gathering the Director General of Sri Lanka Red Cross said.