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The Indian Housing Project: One Success Story Among Many

posted on: 3-02-20216

By Sakshi Selvanathan   Nestled within the verdant hills of the Bogawana estate of the Bridwell division in Nuwara Eliya, lies the newly constructed house of 55-year-old Mrs Sivanu Poopathy – now inhabited by herself,

The Mid-Season Miracle Continues

posted on: 7-08-20206

By Sakshi Selvanathan (07th August 2020)   In the present context where countless processes have ground to a halt in the face of the relentless COVID-19 outbreak, some remain uncompromisable, and rightly so. One such

Honouring Our Silent Heroes

posted on: 18-06-20206

By Sakshi Selvanathan – (18th June 2020)  Our extensive volunteer network has been the propelling force behind our humanitarian endeavors from the very inception of the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society’s emergency response to the

Restoring Family Links Amid a Pandemic

posted on: 12-06-20206

By Sakshi Selvanathan – 12th June 2020 (Colombo) The bittersweet joy of only a handful of life’s moments can compare to that of a mother finally reconnecting with her child, after more than half a

Joining Forces for Greater Awareness

posted on: 21-03-20206

(Colombo, Sri Lanka), On the 20th March, the awareness raising mandate of Sri Lanka Red Cross Society broadened its scope with the new collaborations forged with the Ministry of Transport Services Management, in addition to

Raising Awareness in the Fight Against COVID-19

posted on: 20-03-20206

In the face of a burgeoning COVID-19 outbreak, Sri Lanka Red Cross has been engaging in a vigorous awareness-raising campaign to educate the general public about the virus and the necessary precautions to be exercised


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