Continuous support towards environmental preservation in the former war zone

Posted on Monday, March 26th, 2018

25/03/2018 – Mullativu, Sri Lanka:  The Sri Lanka Red Cross Society’s Mullativu branch conducted a beach cleaning activity in order to safeguard the shorelines of Northern Sri Lanka. These beaches were not polluted in the past few years, but with the end of the conflict people are now frequenting the beach to catch a glimpse of the Northern shores.  As its seen as a positive sentiment, the downfall of it is that the visitors pollute the beach with plastic bottles, plastic bags, food scrapings and even human waste.

Understanding the importance of protecting the environment and the need to begin safeguarding these beaches at an early stage, over 50 volunteers from the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society’s Mullativu branch engaged in a cleaning campaign.

Here, waste was segregated and were taken to the neared garbage dumping site. Steps were also taken by the branch to erect two warning signs that would allow the patrons to be aware of the impending dangers.

This programme was an ongoing island wide environmental protection programme by the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society. Earlier on similar activities were carried out across the island as well.