Educating children on first aid in various parts of Sri Lanka

Posted on Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

21/09/2016 – Mannar, Sri Lanka: The Sri Lanka Red Cross Society’s Mannar Branch carried out a first aid training for school children in Mannar. A mock drill also took place at the Mn/Siththivinayagar National School in the district with participation of over 100 students.


The main objective of the programme was to encourage school children to pay attention on their day to day injuries and the importance to learn First Aid and more so to make children aware on basic First Aid technics.

The Programme began with a demo in front of the school. With support of branch FA volunteers they managed to simulate a real time incident and  rescued the injured while using FA technics. The children gained the exprerince through a practical approach and mainly how they can apply first aid in case they were faced with a similar scenario.


The Traffic Unit of the Sri Lanka Police in Mannar also took part in the programme.

Meanwhile in the Monaragala District the SLRCS Monaragala Branch held a first aid programme for schools in the district. Over 1o0 students from Rajakeeya National School, Maduruketiya Kanishta Vidyalaya, Vipulananda Tamil School & Shanmuha Tamil School took part in the programme. The students were provided with practical information on how they can safe guard lives through applying first aid skills in times of an accident. Monaragala Police also supported to conduct this programme.


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*Editors Note – The headline before read as “Educating children on first aid in Northern Sri Lanka”, which was later changed to “Educating children on first aid in various parts of Sri Lanka” after the story from Monaragala was added.