Humanitarian Leaders meet in China to address future challenges in post disaster development in a changing world

Posted on Thursday, September 29th, 2016


29/09/2016 – Dehong, China: Humanitarian leaders from across the world took part in the Post – World Humanitarian Summit in Dehong, Yunnan, China early this week, to discuss as to how development should frame post disasters and how it can address various issues faced by the world. The Summit was organized by the National Institute of International Strategy of China, Research and Development International Chinese Academy of Social Science and the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies along with the Red Cross Society of China.

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Humanitarian leaders from various countries were present at the event and the President of Sri Lanka Red Cross (SLRCS) Jagath Abeysinghe took part on behalf of the society.

The key outcome of this conference was to design a framework specially for Asian countries to focus on in post disasters specially the methodology of development of communities. Addressing the Summit the President of SLRCS emphasized the importance of ensuring community development with psychosocial support that is key in erasing trauma and enhancing the true essence towards being a resilient community.

Driving from the post conflict experience in Sri Lanka, President Abesysinghe said that for communities providing a house and a means of living would not only help them in the future or for them to think beyond, but by ensuring that their trauma is addressed would allow communities to forego their experience and solely focus on the future.


“We need to understand that when investing in development projects, specially in the context of post disasters, we need to invest in healing minds of the people who undergo a trauma. In case of Sri Lanka, merely giving them a house would not bring in reconciliation that translates into a long lasting peace, but addressing the issues of the mind would provide them true essence that would safeguard the investment towards development.”


During the course of the week President Abeysinghe also held bilateral discussions with various National Society head’s who were present at the Summit.