Raising Awareness in the Fight Against COVID-19

Posted on Friday, March 20th, 2020

In the face of a burgeoning COVID-19 outbreak, Sri Lanka Red Cross has been engaging in a vigorous awareness-raising campaign to educate the general public about the virus and the necessary precautions to be exercised to prevent a further increase in infections.

Within the initial weeks since the very first case of COVID-19 was recorded within the country, all volunteers and staff members alike have been mobilized across the 25 branches under the Red Cross Society flag for the organization’s COVID-19 response.  In a short time span, they have already succeeded in the widespread distribution of a range of informative materials to the public: this included, but was not limited to, the provision of educational leaflets, the application of posters in public areas, and the distribution of stickers for both public and private modes of transportation like buses and three-wheelers.

Of paramount importance is the fact that, in consideration of the nature of the human to human transmission method of the virus, the majority of the aforementioned awareness-raising activities have been implemented in accordance with a strict no-contact policy. As such, verified information disseminated through social media platforms too has succeeded in reaching a large audience.

Updates on further action from the organization with regard to their response to the epidemic will be recorded for reference in the following weeks.