Saluting the backbone and soul of the Red Cross – Our Volunteers

Posted on Sunday, December 4th, 2016

05/12/2016 – Colombo, Sri Lanka: On this day we celebrate the power of volunteerism. Volunteering fosters creativity, draws strength from our passions and connects us to those who need us most.

Volunteerism is a global phenomenon that transcends boundaries, religions and cultural divides. Volunteers embody the fundamental values of commitment, inclusiveness, civic engagement and a sense of solidarity.

During the floods and landslides of mid this year for us at Sri Lanka Red Cross, our success in delivering the best service possible for the people affected was completely based on the service of our noble volunteers. Many already from the affected communities, carried food, provided first aid, psychological support and more so was there for the people who needed help the most.

Today, on International Volunteer Day, we thank the more than 10,000 SLRCS volunteers scattered across the island who help millions of people to make sustainable change and peace happen.

As we mark International Volunteer Day, let us strive to make the most of the power of volunteerism to build a more sustainable world and a life of dignity for all.