Stimulating young minds on disaster preparedness and response in the former conflict zone

Posted on Sunday, July 17th, 2016

17/07/2016 – Mullaitivu, Sri Lanka: The Sri Lanka Red Cross Society’s Mullaitivu Branch as part of its disaster mitigation activities conducted a simulation for students in the Mullaitivu Educational Zone where over 250 students took part.

Students from Aarumugathankulam GTM School, Unnappilavu Tamil School, Murippu Tamil School, and Ampalavan Pokkanai School took part in this activity.

Located in the north east of Sri Lanka in the Northern Province the district of Mullaitivu, a former conflict zone, faces floods and cyclones on an annual basis. The district was also badly damaged during the 2004 tsunami.

Volunteers, First Aid instructors, facilitators, school teachers and parents supports this activity where students are taught as to what they need to do in time of a major disaster. They are taught on disaster mitigation and evacuation plans, first aid, and early warning. This simulation was to help them to understand in practical terms as to how all these would pan out.


First an alarm will notify all within the school and neighboring areas that a disaster is on the rise and that everyone should take immediate steps to evacuate. If the disaster occurs during school time, then all students needs to evacuate and gather at a safety location in an orderly fashion.

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Several students who are appointed prior as first aid volunteers and disaster monitors will provide the necessary support in evacuating, providing first aid and administering medical support for any injured students.

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Once the simulation is completed everyone involved will gather and assess the effectiveness of the plans and will make the necessary changes required.


The SLRCS Mullaitivu branch in coordination with District Disaster Management Unit Mullaitivu  and finance assistance by Save the Children conducts this activity on an annual basis.