Towards a self-sustainable National Society

Posted on Monday, October 8th, 2012

08/10/2012 – Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka: The Sri Lanka Red Cross Society (SLRCS) recently took the initiative to launch another phase of its re-engineering process, where the society is aiming to work towards a self sustainable national society.

The initiative titled “Beyond Re-engineering of Sri Lanka Red Cross Society” pushes the Management, Governance, its membership and the staff to think about a society that would be strong enough to support its programmes and to look at ways and means of being self sufficient.

Earlier on the SLRCS has successfully initiated the change process “Reengineering the SLRCS” and experienced many positive results, throughout phase I, phase II and 180 Day programme.

There were 36 Re-engineering Recommendations approved by the Central Governing Board. Some of them have been implemented while others are partially implemented or experiencing issues in during implementation. Coming three years (2013 – 2015) will be the years of “Beyond Reengineering the SLRCS” which requires a strategic guide to be a Leading self-sustainable Humanitarian Service Provider in Sri Lanka.

Way Forward Beyond Reengineering of SLRCS: 2013-2015 (WF-BRE) is a National Guide formulated by SLRCS within the framework of Sri Lankan Law and in line with the followings,

•          Constitution

•          Rules and Procedures

•          Policies and Guidelines

•          Strategic Plans

•          Five Year Development Plan (FYDP) and

•          The previous way forward documents

WF-BRE has been approved by the Central Governing Board (CGB) of SLRCS on 21st of September 2012. This is not yet another revolution, a programme, a project, a consultancy assignment, a campaign or etc. This is a document which provides the comprehensive guidance for branches and the NHQ for the planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of Red Cross Humanitarian services to the vulnerable communities in Sri Lanka while adhering to the Constitution and the change process (Reengineering) in order to become a leading self-sustainable humanitarian service provider in Sri Lanka.

SLRCS highly appreciates and acknowledges all activities both branch initiated and the NHQ supported in order to ensure sustainable humanitarian services to the vulnerable communities in Sri Lanka.

The workshop was held in Anuradhapura in Central Sri Lanka aims at coming up with working plan that would launch this phase of beyond reengineering.

The President of SLRCS Jagath Abeysinghe, Vice President 1 of SLRCS Bharatha JonikkuHewa, National Secretary of SLRCS Nimal Kumar, Director General of SLRCS Tissa Abeywickrama and other members of the CGB and the Management attended the event.

Addressing the gathering the President focused on the progress made so far by the society in making it a self sustained, and reminded all that there is much more to be done.

Members from other National Societies along with the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) were also present at the event.

Please click here to read the complete proposal of the “Way forward – Re-engineering of the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society.