Volunteer Spotlight: Serving the Community in Sri Lanka’s Flood Affected Areas

Posted on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024

“We are still working on recovering and uplifting the lives of our people’’, says Jayani. 

Sri Lanka’s adverse weather conditions have had a lasting impact on the lives of our people. Amidst the havoc caused by continuous rainfall, Sri Lanka Red Cross Society has been at the forefront supporting the people with the flood operations, extending support to those affected across the island. Ampara District has been an area with the most profound effects and we extended our ongoing flood operations along with our long standing partner, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, to the area.

At the forefront of our relief efforts are our volunteers and as always their continuous support has been the backbone of the organisation’s services. Representing the hard work of our volunteers, for this month’s issue of Spotlight, we were in conversation with Jayani Thimanka (23), a volunteer from Sri Lanka Red Cross Society’s Ampara Branch. Jayani is from the Nawagampura Area of the Ampara District. Her journey as a volunteer began a few months ago when she participated in a First-Aid Training Programme, inspired by the Principles and the work of the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society, Jayani stepped in and became a part of our family as a volunteer. 

In the wake of the devastating floods in Ampara, Jayani was on the ground, along with the team supporting the relief efforts. She saw and heard how people in the area were suffering due to the dire economic situations faced by the people, many struggling in fulfilling the basic necessities like food. Despite the challenges, Jayani and her fellow volunteers worked tirelessly to provide assistance, going door to door to identify and support the most vulnerable individuals and families. 

“We are still working on recovering and uplifting these lives”, Jayani shared. “Our efforts extend beyond immediate relief to long term solutions for those affected by the floods. We cleaned homes, public spaces and offered support without hesitation, driven by our commitment to serving our community”. 

“I feel fortunate to be part of an organisation dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of others. Together with my fellow volunteers, we are united by a common goal: to serve our people and bring out the best in our communities”, added Jayani, emphasising that being a volunteer for the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society, is not just an opportunity, but a privilege.

In the face of adversity, volunteers like Jayani exemplify the spirit of compassion and resilience, demonstrating that even in the darkest times, there is hope and humanity prevails.

Jayani concludes, extending an invitation to others to join the cause, she emphasises the profound sense of fulfilment that comes from serving others. “I invite you all to give volunteering a shot,” she said. “The experience is rewarding, and the impact we can make together is immeasurable. Let’s come together to serve our communities and make a difference.”


(Interviewed and Written by Meleeza Rathnayake; Assistant Manager – Communications of SLRCS)