Alarming Rainfall Destroys the Lives of Sri Lankans Overnight: Make a Donation to Save a Life!

Posted on Wednesday, June 5th, 2024

Want to make a difference? Join the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society now, to create a lasting impact by saving the lives that are being torn apart by the disastrous monsoon rains. With the dawn of June 2024, destructive southwest monsoon rain and gusty winds have created chaos in the island and thousands are relying on your kind support!

Thousands of families living in Colombo, Gampaha, Kalutara, Matara, Galle, Ratnapura and Puttalam districts were dragged out of their homes and was forced to be re-located in safe locations due to the overnight heavy rainfall. With Seventeen lives reported as dead due to the adverse weather conditions and 2 are still missing. Access to remote areas is limited, with power supplies been disrupted. Many homes were reported to have been severely damaged, and the children are under lockdown as schools are closed.

Hundreds of safe locations have been established in temples, churches, and other public places to accommodate evacuated people across the seven affected districts, and the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society’s experienced relief teams were immediately deployed across the island supporting the relief efforts. People are crying out for help and the immediate needs at the moment are safe drinking water, sleeping mats, bedsheets, hygiene products, clothes, medical aid and mosquito nets. This is your chance to join the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society in providing the most needed assistance.

Immediate first-aid assistance has been initiated across the country by the trained volunteers of the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society while supporting evacuation process along with public authorities. This our hour of need and time to show love and affection to restart the lives of that were washed away. Will you be able to?

Every donation matters and can transform lives. Join us via the GiveAsia platform to make a difference and save lives. Your generosity is more than a donation; it is a lifeline!

The urgency is rising every minute. What are you waiting for? Click and save a life!