Directing towards more innovation to serve the vulnerable

Posted on Tuesday, March 19th, 2013


19/03/2013 – Colombo, Sri Lanka – The Organizational Development Forum 2013, bringing OD delegates and specialist from all Red Cross national societies within the South Asia Region came together in Colombo, Sri Lanka to discuss more on how the Red Cross can innovate in terms of serving the public and the most vulnerable in times of disasters.

The inauguration event was held under the patronage of the Vice President of Sri Lanka Red Cross Society (SLRCS) Bharatha Jonikkuhewa.

The forum aims to understand the changing landscape within South Asia and how the Red Cross needs to change its approach in serving the public. The event is held under the theme “Innovation in our work”.


Addressing the gathering the Vice President of SLRCS, who is also the Policy Committee Chairman of the Sri Lanka Red Cross OD Committee, said that the time has come for the Red Cross to define its goals in terms of serving the vulnerable.

“Everything is changing and we have to understand the needs of the ground too”

Participants representing the Pakistan Red Crescent, Bangladesh Red Crescent, Nepal Red Cross, Maldivian Red Crescent, Sri Lanka Red Cross, The South Asia Regional Delegation of IFRC, IFRC Sri Lanka are taking part in this forum.




The forum will run until the 21st of March 2013. Sri Lanka Red Cross is the host of the event for this year.