Beneficiary Communications Boot Camp

7 – 11 October 2013 | Colombo, Sri Lanka

Please make sure you answer all the questions mentioned below as they are mandatory information that is required.

Also note that taking part in the survey does not guarantee that you will be taking part in the boot camp. It is determined based on the fund availability and how much Beneficiary Communications your National Society is interested in engaging in to your main programming. 


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    National Society:


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    Would your NS be interested in coming to a weeklong beneficiary communications boot camp in Sri Lanka?
    See agenda for more details. Please list the name, job titles and contact details of the staff interestedin attending this.


    Does your NS or any of your PNS have funding to support this?



    Does your national society engage in beneficiary communications already?



    What kind of activities – for example community meetings / social media / radio and or TV / phone lines / SMS. Please list all activities, what they are used for and for which programmes?




    Eg – weekly radio show

    DM, CBHP and humanitarian values

    Educates the public on health and disaster preparedness and discusses Red Cross program activities


    In the future, what kind of beneficiary communications activities would you like to undertake and for which programs?


    What are the challenges you face in implementing beneficiary communications?
    Eg don't know how, no interest from colleagues or senior management, no budget etc:


    If you attend the boot camp what kind of skills would you be most interested in learning?
    Please mark in order of preference from 1 to 6, with 1 being your top choice. Please note there will only likely be time to learn practical skills for one of these areas:



    Using TV and radio for 2-way communication (including planning a show, doing field interviews, briefing guests, planning questions, taking calls and actual recording and production)

    Using social media like Twitter and Facebook for 2-way communication (how to monitor Twitter for information, how to use social media to share disaster information or health advice, using social media in an emergency, asking questions)

    Using phone lines and SMS for providing information and collecting feedback (including writing good SMS and phone info scripts, using SMS and phonelines for surveys, technicalities of using frontline SMS, FreedomFone and intro to TERA system)

    How to set up a feedback and complaints system (different methods – meetings, phonelines, forms etc, flowcharts/decision trees for responding to complaints and answering questions, what to do with feedback)

    Designing posters and leaflets (when they should be used, message writing, working with artists, design skills)


    Any other comments