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    1 District you live in (eg: - Colombo, Kandy) :
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    25 Field of interest in future training programmes
    26 Professional Work Experience
    Name of position No of Years Specialized Field
    27 Have you received any training on anything related to the Red Cross
    28 If yes please indicate the details
    29 What is your availability for voluntary service
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    30 What type of voluntary service would you like to render
    31 Do you have any experience/Skill/interest you consider relevant to this work?
    32 Why are you interested in volunteering for the Red Cross?
    33 Please indicate your clothing sizes for our reference
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    34 Please indicate the name of two non-related referees. Please include their phone numbers
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    36 Sign below by writing your full name, by that you confirm the information provided above are true and correct, and that providing any incorrect or false details will disqualify you from being considered as a volunteer for the Sri Lanka Red Cross or for any other national society world wide.

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    Contact Us

    Sri Lanka Red Cross Society
    National Headquarters
    106, Dharmapala Mawatha,
    Colombo 07, Sri Lanka

    [T] (94) 11 2691095 , (94) 11 2691095

    [F] (94) 11 2682675

    [E] info@redcross.lk