The Quality of Our Trainings

The Trainers (First Aid instructors)

We have well trained, qualified and experienced first aid instructors islanwide at our district branches who can provide quality trainings practically and theoretically. Some of them provide trainings in all three languages according to requests. All of the instructors have practical experience in proving first aid at our hundreds of first aid service camps islanwide normally conduct by branches. They have been trained under the government institutions that train people to improve training and teaching skills to provide effective and efficient trainings. Red Cross as the International and national leading first aid training provider, we have specialist trainers because of practical experience

Training Equipment

We use modern training equipments to provide high quality trainings to our volunteers and to institutions and companies. Modern human dummies, structures, spinal boards, first aid materials, bandages and other training equipment are available at national head quarters and the branches

Training Methodologies

We always train people to give first aid practically. So all the trainings comprise theory and practical with special attention to train the participant to give first aid practically. Multimedia Presentations, Videos, Models, Handouts, Flip charts and others various trainings methodologies and techniques are used to deliver effective and efficient trainings.

The recognition and validity

Red Cross is the World first, largest, worldwide and most recognized movement who provide first aid services and trainings. Its certificate for first aid is valid and recognize internationally and nationally for any first aid purposes of an individual or of an institution or of a company for the given period of the certificate.

The Syllabus

Our instructors are up to date with the refresher trainings which conduct every years to update the newest first aid practices. We follow the european resucsitation guidelines for CPR and British Red Cross First Aid Manual for other first aid requirment. So the learners can gain newest and recognized updated first aid theories and practices from our trainers. The sylabos of each training has been revised with the updates.