Why you need first aid

General Introduction to First Aid

First Aid is a proven cost effective, safe and simple way to save lives in an emergency.Millions of people are hurt or killed from injuries or sudden illness every year all over the world. These may be the consequence of day-to-day health problems,accidents or crisis such as conflicts or natural disasters. Whether it is helping in the management of diseases such as Malaria, provision of treatment to Heart attack or accident victims, first aid provides that initial rapid response to protect people and minimize the impact of a health emergency.

What can you do for a casualty before transport to hospital when the casualty in an emergency or illness such as not breathing, heart attack, bleeding, shock, poisoning, chocking, fractures or any number of incidents. The things you can do to preserve the life, prevent the condition become worse, Promote Recovery of the casualty is first aid. First aid evolves with assess the situations of an incident, support for basic living condition, find the casualty’s illnesses and transport for medical help and with many other things proper, effective, efficient and immediate manner.

We all need first aid at our home to save lives of our lovings, at our work place to save lives of colleagues  at anywhere to save lives of friends, at wherever to save lives of any people.